Portable hydraulic crimping machine

The crimper is designed for pressing DN2 – DN3 – DN4 microhoses and concerning fittings.
Pressing force: 10 ton with max working pressure of 60 MPa.
Measures: length 310 mm, thickness 160 mm, width 370 mm
Weight: crimper + hydraulik unit 9,9 Kg
Standard time to press a fitting: 3 sec.
Noise (at 1 meter): 70 – 80 dbA
Air/nitrogen flow rate supply: 250 l/m
Source Pression: 500 ÷ 800 kPa
Crimping machine production model is complete with DN2 hoses set of clamps (to press DN3 microhoses spacer ferrules are included) and with an extra clamps set to press DN4 microhoses.
The crimper can be connected directly to the hydraulik unit in order to contain dimensions and to have a considerably compact tool at your disposal. An optional hose to connect them is available in order to operate the crimper machine with your foot.

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