Multi Couplings DP

Technical Features : 

  • Interchange Stucchi profile
  • Sealing description Nitrile NBR
  • Available sizes from 3/8″ to 3/4″
  • Material Aluminium & high strength carbon steel
  • Valving style Flat Face
  • Connect under pressure both side-easy conn-disconn.
  • Operating pressure Up to 350 bar
  • Locking mechanism Pin/Cam – Double Safety
  • Temperature (°C)-20° / +100°
  • Connection system Lever
  • Available threads SAE – DIN
  • Flow rate Up to 378 L/Min
  • Quick connection and disconnection of up to four hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic lines without any risk to incorrect connection of the lines.
  • Flat face couplings: Easy to clean avoiding contamination of circuit. No fluid loss to the environment.
  • Couplings mounted on the plates with threaded sleeves or seeger/snap rings for easy installation or replacement.
  • Using FAP couplings with triple valve system, it is possible connect and disconnect with high residual pressure in the circuit.
  • Singles female couplings can be connected manually to the male couplings on the fixed half.
  • This can be very useful for the connection of auxiliary lines that are not fitted in the mobile half.
  • Possibility to fit electrical connector for electronic control system on the equipment.
  • Mechanical connection by internal cams and locking pins eliminates brinelling effect on the couplings.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to install also on pre-existent system. Safe and simple to use.

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